Hyundai and Google Assist Is a Match Made in Car-Lover’s Heaven

Hyundai and Google Assist
Hyundai and Google Assist
Hyundai and Google Assist are teaming up to offer a driving experience like none other!

There’s no denying it: smart technologies enhance the functionality of products all around us, and of course, this includes our vehicles, too. While features such as remote start and Bluetooth connectivity are already common, Hyundai and Google Assist are teaming up to offer a driving experience like no other.

Currently available for Hyundai’s luxury Genesis brand, this new technology is centered on a Genesis app for Google Assistant that enables drivers to communicate with their vehicles with intuitive voice commands. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or getting away from it all, you’ll always be in control with Hyundai and Google Assist’s voice-command system.

Not only does the Genesis app allow you to remotely start your vehicle, you can also do things such as lock or unlock doors, control interior climate, and send directions directly to the vehicle. Wish your car was running and cool when you walk out the door on a hot summer day? No sweat. Need to let a friend grab something form your vehicle and lock the door behind them? Piece of cake.

This is the kind of technology that will one day make us wonder why we ever did things differently. To discover what else you’re missing, stop by Riverhead Hyundai today.

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