2017 Hyundai Ioniq Lineup Debuts in Geneva

Hyundai Motors has been amping up the hype for the brand’s newest addition to the green car market, the Ioniq. After months of teasers, previews, and concepts, the Hyundai Ioniq lineup finally made an appearance in full at the February motor show in Geneva. Hyundai took the opportunity to show off all three models of the Ioniq family — the Ioniq Hybrid, Electric, and Plug-In.

Media coverage of Hyundai’s press event revealed that while the Ioniq was designed with a low, slick profile, the interior is still roomy enough to hold up to four fully-grown adults without feeling cramped or uncomfortable. The reason for this is because the Ioniq’s design allows for the battery pack and gasoline tank to be stored underneath the second row and storage area without interfering with passenger space. Meanwhile, the design of the console and dashboard resemble other vehicles in the Hyundai lineup — minimalist, intuitive, and driver-focused.

There are some differences between the models. For example, the Ioniq Hybrid is expected to be the best-selling in the family, and therefore has more conventional controls, whereas the Ioniq EV will have a more futuristic interface. The EV is also expected to be able to surpass the 100-mile-range barrier, though brand representatives have not confirmed this or a more specific range estimate.

The Hyundai Ioniq lineup’s appearance at the Geneva Motor Show heralds the family’s looming introduction to the green car market and, consequently, to the auto market as a whole. Hyundai is confident the Ioniq will secure the brand’s position as a frontrunner in the realm of alternative fuel vehicles and other green cars in 2016.

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