2017 Hyundai Sonatas PHEV Range Is Best in Its Class

2017 Hyundai Sonata PHEV range

The 2017 Hyundai Sonata PHEV range was recently announced, and its 27-mile all-electric range before switching to hybrid gasoline power is unprecedented in the plug-in segment. The total estimated range of the Sonata PHEV including daily commutes that don’t use any fuel is 590 miles.

Hyundai also announced that the Sonata PHEV will be able to charge completely in less than three hours using a Level Two charger. In a normal 120V outlet, the Sonata can reach a full charge in less than 9 hours. The Sonata also reportedly leads the entire industry with its exceptional drag coefficient.

Inside, the Sonata PHEV has a driver information center that gives you all the information you need on your battery’s charge, the car’s functions. You can also download the Blue Link app to get more information on your car and even set up a charging schedule, remotely stop or start charging, and run vehicle diagnostics.

With a 99 MPGe rating and a gasoline mpg estimate of 39 on the highway, the Sonata is one of the most efficient vehicles on the road. It will also receive an updated color palette in early 2017, adding new white, black, gray, and blue color schemes complete with contrast stitching and accent pieces.

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