3D Scan of Yosemite Valley

Yosemite Valley - Riverhead Hyundai

Yosemite Valley - Riverhead Hyundai

Artists have come up with some pretty incredible projects, but the latest project coming from Los Angeles may just take the cake. Two organizations partnered up with Hyundai in an attempt to get a 3D scan of Yosemite Valley. As it turns out, they were successful, thanks in part to a capable Hyundai Santa Fe.

The 3D scan of Yosemite Valley was done following in the footsteps of early photographers in the area. While early cameras and men on horseback brought some of the most popular images, modern artists made use of a more modern horse – the Hyundai Santa Fe.

Artists took 3D LIDAR scanning equipment and put it to work to map a projected view of the 3D landscape. That’s where the Santa Fe comes in. A title sponsor of the Art and Technology program at the Los Angeles County Museum, Hyundai was more than happy to provide the SUV to complete the project.

Even the incredibly capable Santa Fe couldn’t access all portions of Yosemite Valley, though. At some points, the artists had to trek on foot with the gear on their backs in order to get a full view of the landscape.

Danger was afoot as well. There are plenty of bears that call Yosemite Valley home, but most paid the SUV no mind. The ScanLAB team didn’t sleep in the Santa Fe, but they did find a bear print on it one morning.

We here at Riverhead Hyundai are proud to see the Santa Fe going where few vehicles dare travel, and in the name of art, no less!

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