The History of Riverhead, NY

History of Riverhead

History of Riverhead

We at Riverhead Hyundai call Riverhead, New York our home. We love to serve our community and all the people that live here with quality automobiles, a great finance department, and our trained service technicians. However, it’s not just the community we love – it’s also the history of Riverhead. This area has a rich heritage with roots that stretch back as far as 10,000 years when the first Native American hunters settled in Riverhead, which was a fertile flood plain and home to plentiful food sources.

After settlers arrived in America from Europe, Riverhead was known as part of Southold Town, but this eventually changed in 1792, at which point it became a part of an area known as “Aquebogue.” The government in Riverhead continued to grow, however, becoming responsible for much of the goings-on in the area; and, as the government grew and the town prospered, there arose a need for more local departments, ordinances, and laws.

Eventually, the annual town meetings were replaced with bi-monthly meetings to keep up with the activity in Riverhead, and elected officials were voted in on every odd-numbered year. To this day, Riverhead remains a thriving community in its own right. Both the history of Riverhead and the present day point to the city as a great place to be in Suffolk County on Long Island.

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