Hyundai Announces Genesis Luxury Brand, Cars by 2020


The Hyundai Motor Company has officially announced an all-new luxury brand: Genesis. The automaker recently said that Genesis, which means “new beginnings,” will first be released in Korean, Chinese, North American, and Middle-Eastern markets.

Separate from the Hyundai brand, the Genesis brand will have its own style, naming structure, emblem, and even its own customer service. Also, the new insignia for the Genesis line will be based on the one used on the current Hyundai Genesis sedan.

“Every Genesis model will be created with the needs of our customers in mind, so the resulting car will perfectly meet their needs without any unnecessary burden or excess,” according to Hyundai executive Woong-Chul Yang.

It’ll be fascinating to see how Hyundai designs a luxury brand that is truly tailored to customers, without “unnecessary burden or excess.” At Riverhead Hyundai, we’re certainly looking forward to learning more.

We don’t know exactly when the first Genesis luxury brand vehicles will hit the market, but Hyundai has promised six of them by 2020.

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