Hyundai High Performance Brand N to Debut in Frankfurt Motor Show

Hyundai will be revealing its foray into upscale, high-performance vehicles at the Frankfurt Motor Show mid-September. Their new sub-brand is the performance brand N, which Hyundai claims is the company’s return to its roots in motor sports. Just last year, Hyundai returned to the 2014 World Rally Championship after a decade of being absent from the circuit, and this year they’re getting serious.

Their Frankfurt Motor Show segment will include the new i20 race car as well as two concept cars. One such car is the N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo, a hybrid sports car. The other will be a concept that that had previously been seen in at a motor show in Seoul, the Hyundai RM15 concept car. The RM15’s 296 HP, 2.0-liter engine is placed in the center of the vehicle, as opposed to the front for improved weight distribution.

Despite the RM15’s experimental concept, Hyundai is studying the car’s engine to develop and apply more high-performance technology to future models, including–we’re assuming–their new performance Brand N. At Riverhead Hyundai, we’re excited for the debut! What Hyundai are you anxiously awaiting?

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