Hyundai Ranks Fourth in Global Green Car Sales

Green Car Sales

Green Car Sales

The Korea Automotive Research Institute, or KARI, recently released information regarding the ranking of green car sales around the world. The information was based on the sales numbers of environmentally-friendly vehicles sold by auto manufacturers last year, and according to KARI data, Hyundai and the affiliated Kia Motors both tied for fourth place in the rankings.

Growth in the green car segment last year was overall stagnant in the Japanese and American car markets due to low gas prices. However, Europe saw a 40% increase in the sale of hybrid and electric vehicles due to tightening restrictions on nonrenewable resources such as oil, while sales numbers in the Chinese market doubled thanks to expanded government subsidy. However, the international green car market is expected to grow 17.8-percent over the course of 2016, says KARI.

While Toyota was the manufacturer that took the number-one ranking in global green car sales for 2015, Hyundai and Kia together sold 73,592 units of eco-friendly vehicles, a 4.9% increase from the previous year. KARI broke down the numbers, showing that the two brands combined sold 64,383 hybrids, 8,651 electric vehicles, 306 plug-in hybrids, and 252 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

As expectations for the growth of green car sales increase significantly for 2016, Hyundai prepares for the release of its upcoming IONIQ electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle models, which could secure the brand a more prominent ranking within the eco-friendly car segment.

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