Hyundai Super Bowl 50 Ads Led the USA Today Ad Meter

There were 63 commercials that aired during Super Bowl 50 this year. Of those 63, three of them were from Hyundai.

The three Hyundai Super Bowl 50 ads all performed remarkably well in USA Today’s Ad Meter, which gauges consumers’ opinions on Super Bowl ads. Hyundai’s “First Date” ad took the top spot, with “Ryanville” coming in fifth, and “The Chase” coming in sixth.

“First Date” is a humorous spot that stars Kevin Hart. Hart lends his Genesis to his daughter’s date so he can keep an eye on them using the Hyundai Blue Link Car Finder feature. The ad has since been viewed more than 14 million times since it went live on YouTube on Feb. 3rd.

The next ad, “Ryanville” stars Ryan Reynolds and focuses on his charmingly good looks. The ad highlights how we are all prone to getting distracted and it also shows how the advanced safety features in the Elantra keep two women safe, even while getting distracted in a neighborhood filled with numerous incarnations of Ryan Reynolds.

“Ryan Reynolds proved to be the ultimate distraction in our commercial. And our commercial was one of the biggest distractions on the Super Bowl,” said Eric Springer, chief creative officer, INNOCEAN, in a statement.

Finally, in “The Chase” we see how Hyundai’s voice-activated Blue Link Remote Start feature on the new Elantra might help get you out of a tight spot.

Which Hyundai Super Bowl ad is your favorite?

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