Hyundai Ups the Ante with the ARK Performance Genesis

The Hyundai Genesis is getting a makeover in preparation for the seventh-annual SEMA conference. Blending style with performance, ARK performance completely redesigned this model, adding luxury and power like never before.

According to Hyundai, the ARK Performance Genesis is just being made as a concept car for now. This model has a wide body kit, a redesigned dash, racing steering wheel and gauges, with ample carbon fiber.

“The Genesis Coupe is the perfect platform for developing our performance product lineup,” said Kevin Bentley, Marketing and Sales Manager, ARK Performance, Inc. “Hyundai’s 3.8-liter engine is strong enough to handle all the extra power we’re now developing, and the chassis is well balanced and easy to modify, allowing us to create this lowered, aggressive stance while maintaining that clean look we’re going for.”

ARK also upped the engine components to make it a total of 4.0-liters, with new pistons, rods, and a crankshaft. A supercharger and methanol injection kit has been added, and the suspension has been fine-tuned for high speeds.

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