Hyundai’s New Electric Vehicles Becomes a Top Priority

New Electric Vehicles
New Electric Vehicles
Hyundai plans to reveal more than just the Ioniq with a future in new electric vehicles.

As more automakers integrate new electric vehicle technologies into their production strategies, it’s clear that electric vehicles are in growing demand. Hyundai has responded with a shift in its own plans for the future with their own new electric vehicles.

In a move to catch up to rivals such as Tesla, Hyundai has announced it plans to put electric vehicles at the center of its development strategy. This includes a plan to develop a new long-range premium car that would compete with all-electric models from other automakers.

While Hyundai previously looked to fuel cell technology as the future of eco-friendly vehicles, the company has undergone a major shift and now sees electric cars as the way forward as the technology becomes increasingly mainstream and economically viable.

Hyundai entered the pure-electric market last year with the release of the Ioniq, but, with plans to develop its first dedicated electric vehicle platform, Hyundai aims to greatly extend the per-charge driving range of its newer electric vehicles.

Whether you’re already a dedicated electric vehicle driver or simply eager to see what the future holds, Hyundai has you covered. We at Riverhead Hyundai look forward to Hyundai’s new electric vehicles as they’re revealed.

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