How to Protect Your Vehicle from Car Computer Hacking

car computer hacking

The more advanced cars get in terms of technology and connectivity, the more vulnerable they become to hackers who can corrupt the computer’s control over vital car parts like air bags, steering, and cruise control. Here are some things you can do to protect your vehicle from car computer hacking.

A big part of the problem is that people don’t install updates to their computer systems, like Hyundai Blue Link, which leaves the programs vulnerable to being hacked because the software is outdated. Some brands like Tesla have automatic updates, which is hopefully something more brands will move toward as electric cars and car infotainment become more prevalent and advanced.

If you do own one of these systems, keeping up to date with system updates is necessary. If you ever notice the car acting strangely, like windows rolling up and down on their own, don’t drive the car at all. Have it towed to the nearest dealership to be looked at.

Have as few services running as possible, especially if they’re ones you don’t use. If you don’t keep up with your SiriusXM subscription, disable the application in your infotainment system. People with advanced cars would be better off going to dealerships for maintenance and generally being wary of who’s allowed in their car alone.

Finally, you should be able to sign up for updates on recalls and software updates for security vulnerabilities. Keep an eye out for these and install new patches when they’re made available.

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