Recycling Old Tires Into New DIY Crafts

recycling old tires

recycling old tires

Have you changed your car’s tires a few times, and now you just have a bunch of old tires sitting around? Here are some great family-friendly crafts you can make by recycling old tires.

Obstacle Course
Who doesn’t love a tire obstacle course? You can switch it up a bit by painting the tires bright, fun colors and finding new and unique ways to position them so that kids will have to run, hop, jump, and even crawl their way through the course.

By far one of the easiest projects out there, in order to make a tire into a sandbox all you have to do is fill it up with sand. You can customize it and make it more fun by painting it cool patterns and colors and even adding a small parasol for shade.

Jungle Gym
Get some colorful paint and a way to bolt tires together, and you’re set for this project. Create a tire climber jungle gym for your kids by stacking tires on top of each other in different ways to make for fun climbing adventure, bolting them together for safety, and then decorating them.

Recycling old tires doesn’t have to be the same old hum-drum routine of taking them to a recycling facility. You can make a project out of it by making something fun for your family or home. While you’re saving money on DIY projects, why not save on your service needs, too?

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