The Importance of Changing Your Oil Regularly and Effectively

Importance of Changing Your OilFor your car to run smoothly, it’s vital that you regularly change your vehicle’s oil, which not only lubricates the hard-working parts of your car, but also absorbs lots of heat that your car generates.

The oil will break down over time, because of the extreme temperatures within the car, making it a much less effective lubricant. Oil can also become dirty, thanks to any debris that may make its way inside your car.

While each vehicle is different, almost all vehicles have an owner’s manual that indicates how frequently the oil should be changed. We recommend following that advice and also checking up on your oil, often in between changes.

By neglecting your oil, you risk the damage and erosion of many different parts, which could cause something to break – perhaps at an inopportune time. If nothing else, not changing your oil enough could lead to costly repairs.

The importance of changing your oil really cannot be understated. For more service tips or to get your oil checked out by a professional, visit us anytime here at Riverhead Hyundai.

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  1. I knew oil was a lubricant, but I didn’t know that it absorbs a lot of heat generated from the car. I usually get my oil changed once a year, at the same time I get it inspected. I should probably check to see if that’s enough. I’m a poor boy, so I want my car to last as long as possible!

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