Tips On Crating Your Dog For Summer Road Trip

crating your dog

Afraid to travel this summer because it’s your four-legged friend’s first time? Follow these easy tips on crating your dog and you’ll have no trouble having a good time on the road.

When in the car, your dog should always be in a crate. Though you might think this is a less-than-ideal situation for your dog, that’s really only how you feel. As Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer, says, dogs “don’t mind the crate and some even feel safer in one.”

It is immensely important that you don’t treat the crate like a prison. If you act negatively when presenting the crate to your dog, and treat your dog with pity, then that suggests to your poochie that he or she should be anxious.

Don’t force your dog into the crate. Open the door and let him enter on his own. Try putting his favorite toy or favorite blanket in the crate. When he appears to be comfortable, only then is it okay to close the door.

It’s best to introduce your dog to his crate long before you embark on your trip. If he’s well-used to his crate before you hit the road, then traveling with him should be a blast. We at Riverhead Hyundai hope you enjoyed our tips for travelling with a dog.

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