Winter Car Prep

Winter Car Prep

Keeping your car running all winter can be a challenge, especially if you have an older vehicle. The number one way to stay off the side of the road is by taking care of all your maintenance early. When it comes to gearing up for winter, let us here at Riverhead Hyundai offer some winter car prep tips!

  • Engine. No matter where you live, the engine is the driving force behind your car. It makes sense that you need to take care of it – and that repairs are often expensive. Keep an ear out for any rough idling, stalling, or odd starts. They may be signs of a problem that will only grow larger and more expensive. Winter tends to make small problems much worse so take care of any problems early!
  • Battery. The life of your car, the battery needs to be replaced every few years but it needs to be checked more often than that. Give it a once over before winter. Remove it and look for bumps, bulges, leaks, or cracks. Any one of those problems is a sign you need a new battery.
  • Wipers. If you plan on driving with visibility this winter, you’re going to need a set of wipers. Regular wipers will do for most the year but winter is especially harsh. Invest in some rubber-clad wipers for a pair that you won’t need to replace until next winter.

Do you have any additional tips to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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